Different Garage Door Sizes – Find the Best Fit

The first rule while shopping around for garage doors is to know the size and price of the garage door. Fortunately, many residential buildings are constructed with the standard size garage door.

Pre-fabricated and standard sizes garage doors are designed to fit them. Mostly Do-It-yourself garage door kits often measure seven feet tall and eight to nine feet wide for standard or single garage doors. Two-car garage doors that are used to facilitate two-car parking measure 16 feet wide. If you are unable to measure the right size of garage door, consult professional experts to learn more about garage doors San Antonio prices and sizes. Here are some tips and tricks that help you to determine how big or small a garage door you need or when you need to have it customized:

  • Take the necessary measurement of a garage. There is more you need to determine than just the width and height of the garage door opening. It is important that you measure the side room, backroom, and headroom of the garage door from the edge of the opening to the nearest walls. This space is used to place the vertical track.
  • Another important space is an area from the top edge of the opening to the ceiling of the garage. It is known as headroom space which is used to hold the garage door opener in the canopy and flip-up garage doors. Standard garage door openers need at least 12 inches of space and they are also ideal for shorter spaces.
    • The backroom is the length starting from the interior wall of the opening to the back wall of the garage door. It will help you to determine how much space you will have when your garage door is fully opened. This point is extremely important if you plan to hang storage units to the ceiling.
    • If you have short space, pay attention to the vertical clearance of the drive path. Based on the sizes and operating mechanisms of garage doors, you will need some space for the garage doors to allow them to swing up and down. It is not necessary for a sectional or roll-up garage door which does not need too much space to open completely.  
  • Keep in mind the height of the vehicle. This point relates to the operating mechanism of the garage door and does not to the sizes of garage doors. Canopy-style garage doors will not suit you if you have a tall vehicle that needs full vertical clearance. A folding garage door will not suit you if you have a wider vehicle because it needs more horizontal space.
  • Pay attention to the other parts of the garage. The overhead storage system and shelving system need to be chosen wisely because they will share more space with the tracks and internal mechanism of a garage door. If you plan to hang bicycles to the ceiling then you should plan accordingly.
  • Keep in mind the purpose of the garage. It will help you to decide accordingly to add extra features. If you plan to use your garage as a workshop then you will appreciate the natural light coming in through glass windows. A small garage door will come in handy for you other than just parking the car.

Many professional garage door companies offer detailed estimations of the garage door size, prices, material, garage door opener, and installation services in just one package. If you are planning to install a new garage door, there is always a way to secure your place easily.