Information about Garage Door Springs

Do you know that modern garages are the latest versions of horse stables? But it is not an end of the comparison. Nowadays, garage doors are operated automatically and this is why we have garage door springs to support the garage door in the opening-closing process.

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The smooth opening and closing of the garage door are made possible through garage door torsion springs. They are the most tense and dangerous parts of the automatic garage doors. They tend to break over time and have a limited service life, this is why, and they should be replaced after a specific period of time. Garage door spring replacement means another expense. Some people would try to handle this task by themselves in order to save money, but they end up making the situation worse and paying more money. To be able to save money, first of all, consider the replacement cost. Before evaluating it, you need to determine the type of springs used on your garage door.

There are two basic types of springs. One is torsion springs and another type is known as garage door extension springs. Let me first share more about garage door torsion springs. They are powerful and commonly used springs on garage doors. They are located on the top of the garage door to balance the weight of the garage door. The average life of torsion springs is around 10,000 operating cycles. It means that they can service around five to six years depending on the material and level of maintenance. But it will also depend on how often you open and close your garage door.

Every time during the opening and closing process, the hardened steel device of garage door springs will be stretched and released to make the magic possible. Due to continuous use, they get stressed and overused.

Eventually, they become weak and the time comes to replace the malfunctioning springs. Damaged springs need to be replaced immediately. In case only one of the springs is broken, you still have to replace both of them at the same time. It is a standard operating principle for the garage door springs because anytime soon the other spring will break down.

The extension springs lift the garage door using a stretching system. Its expected functional life is also five to six years depending on certain factors. There are several models of springs that you can find on the internet easily if want to replace the garage door springs on your own. Remember that garage door springs are challenging and dangerous tasks to handle on your own. It can be safe and affordable if you hire a professional garage door technician to replace both springs at once so that your garage door will not damage further.